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Are missing teeth causing you to miss out on life?

Dr. Muyal has the solution – dental implants, the tooth replacement solution.

Losing one or more of your teeth can cause a gap in your smile, the loss of chewing function and the inability to eat a complete diet.

While these are certainly serious issues, a potentially bigger problem lies hidden beneath the surface: bone loss. Without the tooth to stimulate the jaw, the bone beneath it will begin to shrink (atrophy) in the same manner that muscle underneath a cast gets smaller. Since your facial bone supports the skin and muscles on top of it, losing volume can cause your face to look prematurely aged. The good news is that unlike crowns and bridges or full and partial dentures which only address the short-term cosmetic problem of missing teeth and does nothing to stop the bone loss, dental implants offer a permanent solution to stop bone loss.

Dental implants are so ‘lifelike’ you may not be able to tell it apart from your natural teeth.

While implants are available in several designs to address your specific needs, the most common is a titanium screw anchored into the jawbone where it serves as a post for a custom-made crown.

What to expect ...

Every patient is different and results may vary. Dr. Muyal will explain the benefits and risks to see if tooth replacement with implants is right for you and if so will recommend a treatment plan. Implant treatment can be broken down into four phases: treatment planning, implant placement, abutment placement, and crown placement. We will take x-rays and create a model of your existing teeth to determine how the implant should be placed. Occasionally, a bone or gum tissue graft will be needed to provide an adequate site for placement.

Implant Bridge Before
Implant Bridge After
Dental Implant Case Before
Dental Implant Case After
Implant Before
Implant After
 Implant Before
Implant After