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Dentists on the Danforth

If you are looking for Dentists on Danforth in Toronto, you are in the right place. Located in the Heart of GreekTown, across Coxwell Subway Station.


We love to make you smile on the Danforth!


On the Danforth, Dental Care Group™ with its dental team has been a part of this community for over 37 years. When you make an appointment with Dental Care Group™ on the Danforth, you can be assured of excellent care. Our staff works as a team to provide dental expertise as well as old-fashioned courtesy and individual attention. We listen and are sensitive to your needs.

Located at the corner of Danforth Ave and Coxwell Ave in old East York, now Toronto, we are right at the Coxwell Subway station, Coxwell Subway Dentistry in the Heart of Danforth Avenue Toronto. Our friendly team is experienced in meeting your family's dental needs. New patients are always welcome. We look forward to making you smile, right on the Danforth!

On the Danforth, Dental Care Group™ team is ready to care for your family's dental needs. We understand our patient's concerns and can assure you that everything we do is geared to make your experience as positive as possible.

Dental Pain
Is your Pain a Concern?

We understand your need for dental care that is as comfortable as possible and have good news for those of you who are nervous about going to the dentist.

Our modern methods make dental work more relaxed and practically painless. We have music you can listen to, televisions for you to watch, sedatives we can prescribe, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to take your mind off your treatment and help the time pass quickly! And, if required, gentle injections you will barely feel at all. We also have digital scanners and digital x-rays that ensure complete quality care.

Dental Safety
Is a Safety Concern?

Your health and safety are our prime concerns. Although the spread of infectious diseases during dental treatment is rare, our stringent safety measures are in place to eliminate your and our chances of exposure to diseases. All our instruments and handpieces are heat sterilized for your safety and peace of mind.

Dental Cost
Is a Cost a Concern?

Our payment plans take the fear out of dental expenses. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit Cards are all accepted. We are electronically linked to most insurance companies, so your claims get processed faster. Financing is available OAC. We listen and work with you!

Time Concern
Is Your Time Availability a Concern

Early morning, lunchtime, evening, and Saturday appointments are available for your convenience. We see you on time. No Waiting! We respect your time!

Reviews about our Danforth and Coxwell Dentistry

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