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Our professional team, led by dentists Dr. Andrew Meikle and Dr.Ted Cox at Yorkville Dentistry in Toronto,
are very enthusiastic about our office on Scollard Street in Yorkville.
At Yorkville Dentistry in Toronto, we have plush treatment chairs where you can watch your favorite shows, view mini dental
procedures on our LCD screens or listen to the music while we look after your smile. Our digital intra-oral cameras allow you
to see exactly what we see to help you understand the treatment we recommend. The digital x-ray equipemnt used to
take necessary x-rays exposes patients to 80% less radiation than traditional methods. All of our equipment is state of the art.
Blankets are even available to keep you warm and cosy, and we invite you to refresh yourself after the treatment with hot towel
or spring water.
Your health, comfort and smile are our primary concern!

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