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Welcome to AssistMedic!

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AssistMedic is a Web based Content Management System designed for services to the Medical Community; Dental, Medical, Chiropractic, Optometrists and other branches of medical disciplines.  Faciliating better communication between sophisticated, Internet and Techno Savvy generation of new consumers on one side and conservative and pragmatists medical community on the other side.   AssitsMedic is a step toward applications of generaly accepted e-Commerce Principles to the small medical and dental offices.  

Joomla! Web site is dedicated to the promotion and application of new technical solutions developed by AssistMedic software engineers. Dentistry Dentists Dental Name provides full package of services to the dental community: Web development, hosting and promotion and SEO.   Custom developed medical forms online to replace old fashioned paper form on clipboards. AssistMedic understands that completely paperless and automated office is generally accepted by a minority of early adopters in the medical and dental community. AssistMedic offers automated solution, while allowing to keep important paper records as well. 

Automated patients sign up online during non-business hours, allowing your dental office to stay open for business 24/7.

You can allow your patients or prospective patients to modify their Health Information Records with your office at their convenience. Subject to your rules and conditions, while keeping the previous medical and personal records as well.  AssistMedic now provides more empowerement to your patients while making their user experience all the more friendly. 

You can allow your patients or prospective patients to book appointments with your office online 24/7.

Thinking of new automated solution? Think of Assistmedic! Contact us by filling and submitting a simple contact form!