Where do you normally find today's young people? Wherever they are, they are normally available online. Youth is loaded with gadgets beginning with a mobile phone which is an indispensable part of their life and ending with Pocket PCs, Netbooks, electronic readers, smart phones and many innovative others.

Many young people prefer smart phones like iPhone or Blackberry with advanced Internet browsing options giving opportunity to always stay online, be able to shop online, book pizza, reserve their visit to the dental office via online medical form, communicate with their bank Customer Care and manage the most important aspects of their life.

The the iPhone and the Blackberry are two popular brands of mobile phone. The people who use them wonder how they ever managed before without their iPhone or Blackberry. The smartphone can use, and has built in, a multitude of applications,  and everybody wants a smartphone.

For many mobile users, the moment their mobile phone contract is due for renewal, they make sure they replace their old mobile phone for one of the newer models of smartphones, the iPhone or Blackberry.

The man on the street is looking for easy options in every sphere of his life, and as a busy dental office there is one way of helping him and adding patients to your practice at the same time.

Web forms are not new. There are lots of companies who include them on their sites, or use a web form system, or a custom web form for their clients and customers to use. Applying this to a dental office, this would be signing up and making an appointment with the dental office.

You generally book your dental appointment a few weeks in advance. That means you may forget to attend it and, unwittingly, you would damage your dental office, as its business actually relies on appointment scheduling.

There are a few practices which have adopted a very interesting system to keep this phenomenon from occurring and that is charging patients who miss their appointments. It may sound a little too severe, but it can certainly help us be less "superficial".