Chipped teeth happen. People who play rough and tumble sports like hockey, football, or soccer know that they are a very real risk. As a person ages and their teeth become more worn and the enamel starts to thin, their teeth will also become more prone to chipping. If one of your teeth does get chipped it is important to stay calm. There is no need to panic; the damage has already been done. The only thing you can do know is book an appointment with your dentist so that they can access the damage and decide the best course of action.

What you should not do when you have chipped a tooth is put off going to the dentist. This is silly. The longer the tooth is left, the more extensive the damage could become. Plus, if the tooth chipped and you were not playing a sport or eating something that could cause the tooth to break, the first chip could indicate that you have an oral problem that needs to be addressed. The longer you put off seeing the dentist the more severe the damage is going to become and the more expensive repairing the chipped tooth is going to be.

The way that the dentist is going to handle the chipped tooth depends on the severity of the damage. If the chip is minor enough, they might decide that the best course of action is to clean up the rough edges and leave the tooth alone. Each time you go in to have your teeth cleaned they will examine the remaining portion of the tooth and make sure that it has not gotten any worse. If the tooth continues to chip further, or you are self-conscious about the flaw, you need to tell the dentist so they can try something different.

The most common way that a dentist deals with a chipped tooth is to cap it. This can sometimes become a great deal more extensive than you might expect. It is not uncommon for the dentist to have to do a great deal of work in order to create enough space for the cap (or veneer). The less space you have between your teeth, the more difficult the process is going to be. Once the veneer is in place it should last for about ten years before it will need to be replaced.

There are sometimes when the damage done to the tooth is so extensive that the dentist will decide that the best course of action is to just remove the tooth all together. This can usually be done very quickly and thanks to modern drugs, with very little pain. Once the tooth has been extracted you and the dentist can decide how you want to replace it. Some people opt to have an implant which can take a great deal of time and a bone graft. Other people decide that they are happy with a plate that has an artificial tooth attached to it.